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Need money to flip and fix a house quick and don't want to wait for the bank? Have bad credit but want a new home or to remodel your current home in Long Beach, CA, and Southern California? You need the services of CB Home Loans! We offer a variety of loans for all your different home remodeling and buying needs.

Whether you need a hard money loan or an equity loan, find what you need at CB Home Loans!

Find Loans That Work for You

At CB Home Loans, we understand the frustration of waiting for bank-approved funds or not having the credit necessary to even get approval. That's why we're here to help. Learn what CB Loans can do for you.

Every Person and Property

We offer loans for commercial buildings and every type of residential home as well as loans for investment or rehab funds. We also offer both 1st position and 2nd position loans as well.

Whether you're a flipper, homeowner, or real estate investor, you can find the loan you need.

Quick, Easy Access

You often receive the funds you need within a few days! We also don't charge any upfront fees. Getting a loan from us is quick, easy, and convenient!

Dependable Loan to Value Ratio

With a loan from CB Home Loans, you can receive up to 65–75% of the value of the property you own or buy. This Loan to Value, or LTV, ratio is standard in the industry. That way, you know you get the funds you need to make repairs to remodel or flip a home.

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